Is masturbating beneficial for health?

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In July 2003, almost all the young men on earth felt happy. They heaved a sigh of relief when results for research suggested that masturbation can reduce the risk of prostate cancer.

Melbourne based Cancer Council Victoria conducted this research with Graham Giles as lead researcher.  The research suggested that regular ejaculation reduces the risk of accumulation of cancer causing chemicals around the prostate. Findings also stressed on the point that even sexual intercourse cannot offer this benefit offered by masturbation.

Researchers from Australia shared the information with journalists that they questioned 1,250 healthy individuals and 1,000 men suffering from prostate cancer during this study. All the people who had participated in this survey were asked about their sexual habits.

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After studying various factors, researchers came to the conclusion that individuals who ejaculated a lot between their age 20 and 50 were less vulnerable to cancer.  Especially, those in the age group of 20 and around.

Individuals who had ejaculated at-least three times every week were three times less vulnerable to develop cancer in later part of their life, compared to individuals that did not ejaculate three times in seven days.

Research findings available until 2003 indicated that individuals who have many sexual partners are 40 per cent more exposed to prostate cancer, compared to others who do not have multiple sex partners. But study conducted by Australian researchers further pointed out that even simple sexual intercourse cannot offer the benefit offered by masturbation.

Sperm do not stick together because of fluid that is added in it by the prostate gland. This fluid consists of citric acid, fructose, zinc, potassium, etc. Most importantly, studies conducted on animals proved that carcinogens substances like 3-methylchloranthrene may also get accumulated on this gland.

According to researcher Graham Giles, prostate gland faces danger from carcinogens accumulation. But, ejaculation caused due to masturbation may help in ducting out these substances.

Melbourne based La Trobe University’s researcher Anthony Smith also shared his opinion about these findings and said that if the findings are true, then men should be encouraged to masturbate. Further research and studies on masturbation may also bring great amount of changes in advises given by sex specialists to their patients in the future.  So, next time if you catch young members from your family while watching actress porn or other non-violent porn, ignoring them, and giving them privacy to satisfy their sexual needs might prove to be the best option.

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