Love Is Not What It Is Used To Be

Love Is Not What It Is Used To Be

People are not like how they used to be in the earlier times. Having a relationship was serious and took a lot of time those days. It took great courage for men or women to tell their feelings to the other person. Falling in love has been from the early man age. Men usually have more tendencies to admit their love for their lady love than women. Many reports say that men fall in love faster than women. It is not that women do not love but it is because women are evolutionarily more cautious. They try to postpone love unlike men since they have a lot to lose reproductively by committing to the wrong person. Since certain men seek for territorial claim, getting committed or rather married to a person like this will make the women financially unstable once the child is born. Hence marriage should be made by true love. Love is directly related to brain activities. Primitive areas on the brain are involved in romantic love. These areas light up on brain scans when talking about loved ones. This is also the reason for long term relationships. Falling in love causes the secretion of dopamine which is a chemical that induces the brain’s reward system. Other chemicals that cause attachment towards one another are the oxytocin, vasopressin which performs greatly during intercourse thus making the couples feel secured and loved.

Love decades back

Love Is Not What It Is Used To Be

Decades back, love wasn’t the way it was now. The love that people had for each other was so pure that people even committed suicide if they do not get to marry the one they loved. They ended up their life if they could not see the person they loved. But today, love has a totally different face. Some people have taken it for granted and pretend to love someone to pass time, whereas some people try to be in many relationships at the same time. Love is something that helps in joining two hearts together, but today love has become the means for bodily pleasure. People pretend to love someone, have sex and break with them. One trend today which might end up positive or negative is the dating concept.

What is dating

It is a stage of romantic or sexual relationship where two people meet each other as friends or with the aim of accessing the partner’s suitability for a committed relationship or even marriage. This concept varies from country to country. It can happen over the phone, emails or online or meeting the person. It is frequently used to refer two or more people exploring whether they are romantically or sexually compatible with each other. Some also go for three to four dates if they really want to know about the person with or without getting involved in sexual activities. Though, this is followed only in certain places, some countries require people to wait until a certain age to begin dating.


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